ArdeaSeal Technology

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Ardeaseal Garanzia prestazioni

ArdeaSeal technology

A warranty for excellence

The idea of a new seal concept, a stopper for traditional glass bottled wine, came along in 1999 from a division of the Guala Group.
ArdeaSeal is the result of an accurate project, an in-depth study of materials, avant-garde manufacturing process and testing procedures.
A seal made up of different components produced with highly technological synthetic materials.
One of these components is the core, which is designed to grant the same performance as the best traditional corks and maintain all the characteristics as long as the wine requires.
This is the safest and reliable alternative to traditional corks.

An innovative core


Performance warranty

Thanks to its components and its core (anti-elongation structure protected by international patents) which maintains its mechanical properties, the wine stopper ArdeaSeal guarantees the ideal performance: the total absence of chemical interactions and organoleptic deviations, together with the right oxygen permeability so to store the bottle as long as required with no alterations: natural evolution of the wine and no organoleptic deviations.

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Processo produttivo

Production process

The production process is equipped with computerized systems and visual control to ensure uniformity in the product. Phases of the project are: component injection molding, assembly and injection overmolding.
Production conforms to the highest organization criteria allowing for complete traceability of the entire industrial process.

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In addition to having an innovative design which adds value to the product, ArdeaSeal closures are customized through colour combination and the printing of wineries’ tailored artworks with the support of our graphics office.

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ArdeaSeal was developed as the best alternative to cork stopper. Premium brewers, olive oil producers and other spirits manufacturers later adopted it. Many producers decided using this system to ensure the protection of their products thus adding value to their packaging and simplifying the capping process.

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Tests and certifications

Tests and certifications

The project and its fulfilment have reached maximum levels and while defining both specifics and project a new quality protocol had to be defined. In many cases specific equipment was planned and set up together with numerous oenological tests in collaboration with Enosis (Oenological Centre based in Piemonte region) and I.C.V. (Institut Coopératif du Vin based in South East France).

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