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The Frame

The frame is the core, the structural component of ArdeaSeal closures and has the task of "harnessing" the system when used, stopping it from elongating and ensuring that contact with the glass is maintained uniform and constant over time. It is a rigid support and containment element, made of high-rigidity technopolymer made using the injection moulding process. This solution is protected by international patents. The frame also has the task of guiding the the corkscrew when it is inserted, making insertion easy and protecting against any risk of breaking in the glass neck.

The Shield

The only component in contact with wine. The best technopolymer available in terms of the absence of chemical interactions has been used to ensure the shield can perform this specific function. In this case too, injection moulding is the production technology used. This component is produced without any additives to ensure the attention dedicated to it is not wasted.

The Body

Made in the last stage of production (overmoulding), the body is the compressible part which will ensure uniformity and consistency over time, thanks to the contact with the internal surface of the bottle neck.The material used is a thermoplastic elastomer and the process technology is injection overmoulding assisted by expansion using specific agents. The research and development stage of this component required a technology with the use of nitrogen to be applied in the supercritical stage. A technology developed by MIT in Boston to "foam" the technopolymer that it is composed of. The body part inside the frame acts as a support for the corkscrew.

The raw materials used are subjected to scrupulous checks in advance in order to ensure compliance with the specifications and maximum performance.

Since these are products are intended for contact with food, the current regulations (European Directives on food contact - FDA) were considered only as a reference platform and more stringent internal protocols were defined.

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