Manufacturing process

The production is realized entirely in our plant: all the phases of the process, from the planning to the production cycle, from the lead time to the quality assurance, are managed by a system designed for an accurate and precise monitoring of the entire process.

The steps of the manufacturing process are as follows:

1. Injection molding of the core and of the shield
These components are produced in planned and stocked batches in order to better and promptly fulfill the customer needs.

2. Assembly of core and shield
The assembly phase comes immediately before phase 3. These two phases are integrated in an internally designed equipment.

3. Overmolding
The assembly coming from phase 2 is inserted in a mold cavity for the overmoulding process which will complete the closure.

4. Traceability
A laser marking system is used on the upper surface of the chassis of the stopper. This allows for traceability of every closure even if already applied to the bottle and without having to remove it. Nowadays traceability is a fundamental aspect and ArdeaSeal closure can be identified thanks to an exclusive marking.
The production line, entirely computerized, from the molding to the final packaging in a protected environment, is controlled by geometric recognition cameras that guarantee constant control of the entire production.

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