Garanzia di prestazione

Performance warranty

ArdeaSeal closure was designed to solve the main problems that can randomly affect the quality of a cork sealed wine bottle or any bottle sealed with cork derivatives or other materials:

Chemical contaminations (TCA)
Better known as “tainted wine” for which the cork producers still have not found a permanent solution. This situation highlights the need for an alternative to cork. ArdeaSeal thanks to the mechanical and chemical properties of the technopolymers employed and to the technology of its structure, solves this aspect by definition.

Organoleptic deviations
Wine maturation in a glass bottle is a chemical process which requires oxygen in a controlled and constant rate, and, furthermore, uniformly. While opening different bottles coming from the same production batch, organoleptic variations can be observed (ranging, on the extremes, from reduction to oxydation).
This random variability is due to the closure: its permeability measure is based on OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate – oxygen volume over time unit). Research shows that the variation of the OTR in corks, even coming from the same batch, can reach up to 15 times and shows a loss of uniformity and therefore of performance.
As a consequence, the only variable that differentiates bottles coming from the same batch is the OTR property of the closure which interacts with the internal geometry of the neck finish of the bottle.

ArdeaSeal controls the OTR level thanks to these achieved two phases of research and development:

  • Targeting of the ideal OTR range to meet a wider majority of needs.
  • Designing a multi component closure to guarantee the targeted OTR level and therefore a reliable and uniform performance.

To respect wine traditions ArdeaSeal guarantees:

  • Constant oxygen transfer
  • Total chemical inertia
  • No interference on wine characteristics
  • Uniformity of product in time
  • No crumbling or breaking of the closure
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