The stopper



Elite was the first by Ardea Seal, a stopper launched more than 20 years ago, resulting from our own exclusive and innovative patent, made to solve the problems caused by corks, which compromise the quality of wine.
A bottle of wine closed with a stopper, made from cork or any other type of material, runs the risk of chemical contamination (TCA), ageing badly and being damaged, while the Elite di Ardea Seal stopper avoids all this, as has been shown by it being successfully tested in the cellar for more than twenty years now.
To obtain this level of performance, in addition to a new technology, suitable technopolymers were used and selected with these objectives:

  • Mechanical and resilience properties (constancy and uniformity over time).
  • Gas permeability, especially O2.
  • Chemical inertness (no interaction between contents and surfaces of the closure in direct contact).
Caratteristiche ottenute utilizzando e assemblando tre componenti distinti, ognuno dei quali con un suo compito preciso: il telaio, lo scudo e il corpo.

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