Ardeaseal Tecnologia applicazioni


ArdeaSeal closures, realized to guarantee excellence in wine, are also appreciated and used by important olive oil, brewer and other spirits producers. This is the result of a project that has met market needs through its innovative and technological contents.

ArdeaSeal closure can be applied on traditional bottling lines with a minor modification that simplifies the process: The replacing of the closure compression group (usually four jaws for radial compression) with a simple funnel. Moveable parts are thus removed reducing maintenance requirements and getting rid of an often under evaluated risk: poorly maintained jaws may damage the stopper affecting its performances.

Corking machine producers like Arol, GAI and Bertolaso in Italy, Stone and Costral in France have realized ArdeaSeal dedicated kits and have built capping machines that implement the use. ArdeaSeal stopper has to be oriented in bottling lines.

Manufacturers of closure feeders like Mar.Co., Faccio, Neri, Cames and others have already developed equipment that meet these needs or have adapted already existing feeders. The closure is removed with a traditional corkscrew and can be easily applied on the bottle to reseal it.

To enjoy your bottle, with the closure ArdeSeal (see diagram), use a traditional corkscrew. It is recommended to pierce the shield for a better grip, uncork as usual.

To store your leftover wine, put the closure back in the bottle as shown.

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