2021 sees the launch of the ORGANIC stopper by Ardea Seal: a solution that is not just smart but also eco-friendly and sustainable.


As well as eliminating this risk, Ardea Seal stoppers allow the exchange of oxygen required for the wine to age perfectly in the bottle.
They also support the work of sommeliers, who can continue to use - in addition to their professional expertise - special devices such as foil cutters, drip-catchers, decanters and, above all, corkscrews. The body of the ORGANIC stopper by Ardea Seal is made from bioplastic, derived from biomass sources such as corn starch, sugar cane, sugar beet, cellulose and vegetable oils. Unlike traditional plastics, bioplastic is not derived from oil or natural gas.

The bioplastic which forms the body of the ORGANIC stopper:
1) is certified as biocompatible by standard ISO 10993 and USP Class VI,
2) is approved for contact with food under Regulation EU 10/2011 and by the FDA,
3) is phthalates- free
4) is antimicrobial
5 ) brings environmental benefits in terms of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The ORGANIC stopper by Ardea Seal uses TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). The production of this involves genuinely renewable raw materials (which do not compromise global biodiversity and the ecosystem) and contributes to reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gases (by not using oil or natural gas). Bioplastic production also involves the circular economy, as it can make use of recycled materials by means of a process called depolymerisation: a system which is also efficient from the point of view of energy consumption.
ORGANIC by Ardea Seal is the smart, modern, environmentally friendly answer: the "4.0 cork".